I have plans to make this a place where you will hear from me regularly. I’ve been in a bit of an ‘adjustment period’ since we moved, and I haven’t had the will to work hard.

The thing is…I’ve always really been a hard worker, until I don’t need to be. If there is someone pushing me, or a client or boss depending on me…I’m there. I’m in it and I’ll push myself to the ‘nth’ degree. But get me to a place where I don’t have someone looking at me to do something?

I chill.

I’m really good at chilling. I think I could win an award for “Netflix (or Hulu…or OnDemand) and Chilling”.

BUT. Then I’m not serving myself, my family, my friends and the world well.

So get ready to start hearing from me…

Mondays, we will talk about joy. Seeking joy, making joy, giving joy. Checking things off the joy (bucket) list. What brings me joy.

Wednesdays… well, they will be “reading Wednesdays” and we will talk about books.

Fridays? Those are going to be about getting back to joy — mostly dealing with healthy living.

And YOU tell ME. What else do you want to hear from me?


I’m not huge on resolutions, mostly because I never really stick with them. But the ‘word of the year’ movement? That I can get behind.

My word for 2019? 


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About five years ago I chose the word “enough”, meaning who I was at that moment was enough.  I was enough of a mother, a wife, a friend, and a person.

Somewhat similarly, this year I want to focus on the fact that the person I am today is a pretty great person. A person who doesn’t need all kinds of improvement. Doesn’t need to ‘become this’ or ‘grow to be that’.

I don’t want to tally the amount of money I’ve spent over the last eight or so years on ‘self-help’ books.  Or what I could have bought with all that money….

{Oh…all the purses.}

Not that those dollars have all gone wasted.  I’ve learned a bunch from them. AND I still have some books left to read as well.  But in 2019 I’m not buying any new self-help books.  Now THAT is a resolution I think I can stick to.

Instead, I’m going to spend the year focusing on the positive attributes that I already have, along with the skills I’ve learned over the years.  I’m going to shine a magnifying glass on the good and make them great.

Here are just a few examples….

I’m a good writer.  So I’m going to write more. I’m going to focus on it, and ensure that it is a priority.

I’m a great memory-keeper.   I’m going to intentional about keeping my families memories.  On this blog, in photo books, in pictures throughout our home and more. 

I’ll share more as the year progresses, but I’m curious…how about you? What’s your word for 2019?